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Fargate Networking

Generally, Fargate clusters are just a logical grouping. Any task in your Fargate cluster can be assigned to any subnet you wish.

Creating Private Subnets

The ECS Getting Started wizard referenced in the Getting Started guide creates public subnets which can be reached from outside your VPC. However, best practice for security’s sake is to run your tasks on private subnets whenever possible.

If you want to use private subnets, create them if you don’t already have existing ones, and ensure that each subnet has a NAT gateway attached to it, so that it can pull Docker images from ECR and communicate with CloudReactor.

Security Groups

You must assign your Fargate tasks one or more security groups. To run in Fargate and communicate with CloudReactor, each task must be assigned a security group that allows all outbound access ( over TCP. Inbound access is not required unless your task handles outside requests. Generally, the security group you use should be assigned to the VPC that hosts the subnets the task will run in.

The ECS Getting Started wizard will create a default security group attached to the VPC it creates. The default security group is fine to use with CloudReactor managed tasks.

More info

For a good overview of networking in Fargate, see Fargate Networking 101.